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  • How do I get tickets and prices?
    Go to our ticket link. Prices range from $15 and up. Depend on what city and age. Click on tickets link for details
  • Is there parking?
    We always encourage our guests to use public transportation or LYFT/UBER to attend festivals
  • Are you coming to my city?
    Subscribe to our newsletters and you will be notified when we are coming near you
  • Are children & pets allowed?
    Legal guadians and parents will have to accompany their children. No pets are allowed
  • I want to be a volunteer or intern. How do i join?
    Send us an email
    By attending these events, all attendees and vendors agree to waive all medical, physical, copyrights, emotional, mental and all potential liabilities towards this organization and all its affiliates. If you are diabetic, heart problems, or any condition that can hinder your health due to consumption of these products during this event, you should first seek medical advice from your doctor or healthcare professional. You should never delay, disregard, seek medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment
  • What is the World Party Experience?
    An international experience where people from all walks of life come together and party under one roof. Dance, mingle, eat, shop, play and experience culture in your city.
  • Can press cover the event?
    Yes, Please send your credential inquiries to
  • What's the benefit of getting the VIP Packages?
    Depending on what level of VIP package you select, you can expect the following perks: * Private seating * Bottle service * Sponsored goods * Luxury swag bags * Luxury transportation * Luxury test drives * Decorated cabanas * Personal server * Security * Front row seating to all activities * Food and beverages and much more
  • What's the dress code?
    Always look classy!
  • I want to be an intern or volunteer
    Please email your resume and requests
  • What if my eyes start seeing doubles and I cant stop giggling??
    We encourage everyone to consume responsibly, only adults are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages. Do not drink and drive. If you plan on drinking please only use e use UBER/LYFT or get a cab
  • I want to be a sponsor/ vendor/ perfromer/ partner
    Please click on our partner link or text our hotline (678) 768 3717
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